the mob

Pogo Mob

“POGO MOB” is a performance created by Emma-Cecilia Ajanki and Julia Giertz based on the concept of punk and DIY, “do-it-yourself”. Pogo Mob is not an attempt to recreate the aesthetics or soundscape of punk, but to elucidate what it means to “do-it-yourself”. It has echoes of the mosh pit, an extreme form of human contact where one’s identity is drowned out, leaving you both exhausted and exhilarated. Concept
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Baby it’s you not me

  Are you a monster? Is it in your nature to never succeed? Do you have difficulties communicating with others? Is your form constantly changing? Is it true that you live in the shadows? ”Baby it’s you not me” is a search for the monster, a performance that materializes on stage, in the imagination of the audience and in the exchange between those two. Through an exploration of recognizable movements and inundat
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