Moon, Sugar and Fur – Attack 2


Moon, Sugar and Fur Attack 2 takes place in festive spaces, where we would usually gather for celebrations of the collective.

With the music functioning as the pulse of the piece, its modular forms create galaxies that shape The Universe within which audience and performers co-exists.

The costumes attempt to bridge the gap between nature and humanity, blending the borders between imagination and reality.

Through the abstract choreographic action of heating and preparing the space, we bring attention to a collective awareness of our surroundings and ultimately to the notion that we are all one.

“Moon, Sugar and Fur – Attack 2” is a piece by The Mob, made in collaboration with musicians Emil Jensen and Seán Carpio, and performer Moko Smith.


The project has been invited to be developed within the Kedja’s Nordic/Baltic residency program Wilderness. Firstly in August 2013 in Stamsund, Norway and finally in May 2014 in Kokko 1721 in Finland.

“Moon, Sugar and Fur – Attack 2” will be shown in Kokko 1721 (close to Kangasniemi) May 17th at 14:00
In Copenhagen at the festival MellemrumSYDHAVN May 29 – June 1
At the Kedja meeting in Mariehamn August 7

More info about Wilderness here

The Wilderness blog

pictures taken by Per Morten Abrahamsen during the MellemrumSYDHAVN festival in May 2014.


Date: September 15, 2013